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Tell Your Story With Great Visual Content

Telling an effective story on your corporate website requires careful editorial planning to coordinate the images you use with your talking points so your message is driven home in the most productive way. Stories are our meat and potatoes at Bruce Kemp Communications. After all, we’ve been telling Canada’s stories in the national and international press for nearly 40 years. Have a look at the images we’ve produced for  some of the nation’s and world’s, leading magazines and newspapers, then visit our editorial page to see how we can combine great copy and great images together to give your company the stellar website it deserves.

Document Your Major Project’s History From Start To Finish

This project followed the restoration of a private boat that was burnt to the waterline leaving only charcoal and heat-bent bolts. The boatbuilder worked his day through the restoration of the design with the help of one of Canada’s leading boat designers – Steve Killing – and completed a stunning reconstruction of this classic Georgian Bay picnic boat,

Show Your Product And Production Methods

Great Photography Will Show Commitment To Your Product

Aerial Photography Elevates Your Brand

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