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Editorial From Bruce Kemp

Bruce has been providing quality editorial to the world’s leading magazines and newspapers for decades. When you have a story to tell, Bruce is the journalist to turn to. First a writer, then a specialist his range of work extends from sports and lifestyle to business and¬†humorous¬†essays. These stories have won him numerous awards and any article he focuses on receives intense attention to detail and accuracy. And he is always on the lookout for new and interesting projects – be they breaking news, in-depth features or book-length stories.

Feature Writing

When Passion Becomes Reality

Occasionally a story comes along that catches a writer/photographer’s imagination and he or she just can’t let it go. This was the case with the piece about building the lock gates for the historic Rideau Canal. I was delighted when Wooden Boat asked me to contribute the story for the March/April 2024 edition. I was glad editor Tom Jackson saw the potential in it even though the relationship of gate building to boat building might have been a bit tenuous at first glance. For anyone who sees the creative process as being all-encompassing, this story is one you should read and take as a lesson in the creative mind. Art doesn’t always have to be “fine art.”


Breaking News and Newspaper Columns

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