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Breaking News!!!

Check out this month’s issue (August 2019) of Lakeland Boating where my story on Lake-of-the-Woods’ legendary lady, Grace Anne II is a major feature.  

Praise For Weather Bomb 1913 from Reviewers

“Weather Bomb is especially fine when Kemp describes the real scene of desperate sailors and the near shore. After this book, I am not sure that there is much left to tell about the Storm of 1913. But there is much left to say about subsequent blows on the Great Lakes, stories left to tell.”

Andrew Armitage, Read This – Owen Sound Sun Times, 16/06/19

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And A Reader Writes…

“Weather Bomb 1913” by Bruce Kemp was the first book I had picked up in 5 years and I was barely able to put it down. Read it cover-to-cover in 2 days and have re-read it again since.” – Blake Pite, Sarnia, Ontario

New Work

Laurie Carter: Author’s Bio Pic

Author bio pic for Laurie Carter who has just launched the third book: Emily Carr’s BC – South Coast to the Interior — in her Emily Carr’s travel series. It was shot with a Nikon D750, Nikkor 70-300mm, on Auto White Balance and Centre-weighted Metering. The ISO was 1250 and the exposure was 1/50 @ F8. The lighting was natural light in a small room. 

Jalapeno Season

Fresh jalapeños from the garden. Taken with a Nikon D750, 90 mm Tamron Macro, natural light on Auto White Balance with an ISO of 1,250 and an exposure of 1/50 @ 3.5. At this time of year you don’t have to go very far to get good photographs. A walk in the garden will suffice. This one was shot in our kitchen on a dollar store backdrop with a handmade cutting board for the base — simple, simple, simple! 

Fox Snake

Last fall while hiking across the Merrickville over the Rideau River I ran into this snake. It was about a meter long and was sunning itself on the wooden planks of the pedestrian decking. I know the planks were warm because I got down for an eye-to-eye. My best guess is that it was a rare Ontario Fox snake. I shot this image with a Nikon D750, Tamron 90mm macro and a small ring light. The exposure was 1/60 @ f11, ISO 320, Meter mode: Centre Weighted and white balance set on Manual/flash. Only light processing in Photoshop (contrast, sharpening and cropping). Lovely snake (although my wife screams when she even sees a snake picture). If you ever run into one of these beautiful creatures, please don’t harm it. They are rare and excellent at controlling mice, rats and other vermin. You might also report any sighting to the Ontario Federation of Naturalists. 

SweetWater Lives Seeking Other Venues

After a highly successful showing at Vistek Ottawa, my show is now available to other galleries and museums around Ontario. It is  comprised of 14 – 16 X 20″ prints portraying life in the merchants fleets of the Great Lakes. The above shot, called “Deck Work” is the lead photo in the show. It was taken in Thunder Bay at the grain terminal in December of 2012. Originally shot in colour, I found the action in the image so compelling that I dropped it into black and white. The shot was taken with a Nikon D700, 24-120mm Nikkor lens at 800 ISO. Camera was on manual mode and the exposure was 1/60 @ f8 producing a 16 bit NEF (Raw) image. Despite my chattering teeth the camera was hand held. For more information on how to host the show, please contact or call 613-269-3810




Purcell Mountains, above Golden B.C.

Reaching back into my salad days of Ansel Adams and Edward Weston, I recently reworked a not very old image from BC for part of my contribution to the Merrickville Artist Guild’s annual Studio Tour. The image was taken with a Nikon D200 and a 24-120mm lens set at 1/500, f8 with an ISO rating of 200. The white balance was handed over to Auto, but the image was taken as a full colour 16bit shot then reduced in Photoshop with the desaturation slider. I played with the contrast until I was happy with the sharpness of the mountains and quality of the sky. The long and short of all this is “never be afraid to go back and revisit historic images from  your files.”

Re-Enactor Project Continued…

I was privileged to photograph my friend Vic Suthren for a project I am doing about historic re-enactors. Vic is an historian and writer. His most recent book Black Flag of the North, the story of the great Atlantic pirate Roberts, was just released by Dundurn Press and Vic’s account makes Johnny Depp’s pirate character look like a rank amateur. Worth the read.  Vic is one of those guys who is a true keeper of our history.

Photo data: Taken with a Nikon D750 and a 50mm Nikkor lens. Manual exposure, at 800 ISO, Auto White Balance, shutter speed 1/50 sec and aperture F14. The lighting was natural daylight with gold and white reflectors (not apparent here) with a plain white fabric (custom made) backdrop. The finished image was minimally processed with Photoshop. We took nearly 125 images during the session resulting in a selection of 65 portraits.

Harbour Sunset

This image was taken on a visit to my hometown of Sarnia, Ontario. As I often do, I took a drive down by the government docks and spotted a freighter loading grain at the elevators. The image was taken on a D750 with a 70-300mm Nikkor zoom at 1/1000 secs. F11, ISO 500 on manual exposure and centre-weighted metering. No filtration or extreme saturation. This is exactly what my eye saw. I love the beauty that even industrial landscapes can offer, and do not condemn or promote them. For me, they’re just there – a part of the modern world we live in, like the mountains and forests.

Breaking News!!!

Waypoint Press was honoured this week with an invitation from the Michigan State Library to submit Weather Bomb 1913: Life and Death on the Great Lakes to their Notable Books competition. We believe this is the first time a Canadian work has been recognized.

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Coming Soon From Waypoint Press – The Complete Travel Writer!

If you’ve always wanted to be a travel writer but wondered where to start, Waypoint Press’ new book, The Complete Travel Writer, will help guide you to fulfilling your dream. Based on forty years of experience, Bruce imparts some of the hard-earned lessons from the road and publishing business. It includes details on writing for print, digital publications and taking award-winning digital photos. Coming this fall. 

Safari Coming Soon

Visit the Mountain Gorillas and the great cats in 2021 with our photo safari to Uganda. Updates will be posted here and you can join our mailing list for updates on this and other travel adventures. Contact:

Waypoint Press is delighted to offer audio/visual presentations on the Great Storm of 1913 and Canada’s Role in the Underground Railroad to historical societies, libraries and interested groups.
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