Civil War Resources

If you’ve enjoyed The Fugitive’s Son and would like to learn more about the role of Canada in the Underground Railroad, the lives of fugitive slaves, and the American Civil War, here is a list of books I read in researching Letters that you might find interesting:


Printed Materials:


A Regiment of Slaves: The 4th United States Colored Infantry, 1863-1866
Edward G. Longacre
© 2003
ISBN 0-8117-0012-7
Stackpole Books
5067 Ritter Road,
Mechanicsville, PA, 17055

Army Life In A Black Regiment
Thomas Wentworth Higginson
© 1869
W.W. Norton and Company, NY, NY
279 pp

Benjamin Franklin Butler: The Damndest Yankee
Dick Nolan
© 1991
Presidio Press
ISBN 0-89141-393-6
358 pp

Grant and Sherman: The Friendship That Won The Civil War
Charles Bracelen Flood
©  2006
Harper Perennial c/o Harper Collins
ISBN-13: 978-0-06-114871-2

The Narratives of Fugitive Slaves
Edited by: Benjamin Drew
Original Copyright: 1856 John P. Jewett & Co.
2000 Edition: Prospero Books (Canada)
387 pp

Lincoln: A Foreigner’s Quest
Jan Morris
© Jan Morris 2000
De Capo Press, 2001, NY, NY
201 pp

Captain James Wren’s Civil War Diary: From New Bern to Fredericksburg
Edited by John Michael Priest
© berkley Books, NY, NY 1991
ISBN: 0-425-13034-7

I Came As A Stranger: The Underground Railroad
Bryan Prince
© 2004
Tundra Books
ISBN: 0-88776-667-6
160 pp

Personal Recollections of President Lincoln, General Ulysses S. Grant, and General William T. Sherman
By: Major-General Grenville M. Dodge
©2005  (Original Copyright 1914)
University of the Pacific Press
Honolulu, Hawaii
ISBN: 1-4102-2369-8
237 pp.

The Black Civil War Soldiers of Illinois
By:  Edward A. Miller
University of South Carolina Press
ISBN 1570031991, 9781570031991
267 pp,M1

Angels And Ages: A Short Book About Darwin, Lincoln and Modern Life
Adam Gopnik
211 PP

Home Letters of General Sherman
Edited by: M.A. DeWolfe Howe
© 1909 Charles Scribner’s Sons
Kessinger Publishing Rare Print Editions 2009
ISBN 1-419-0641-3
402 pp

1864: Lincoln At The Gates of History
Charles Bracelin Flood
© 2009
Simon and Shuster Inc.,
New York, NY
ISBN 978-1-4165-5229-1 (pbk)
521 pp

Sherman’s March
Burke Davis
© 1980
Vintage Civil War Library
Originally published by Random House.
ISBN 0-394-75763-7 (pbk)

Southern Storm: Sherman’s March To The Sea
Noah Andre Trudeau
Harper Perennial
ISBN 978-0-06-059868-6 (PBK)

A Voice of Thunder: The Civil War Letters of George E. Stephens
Donald Yacavone, ed.
Urbana and Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 1997
ISBN 978-0-252-02245-6.

Lincoln In The Times: The Life Of Abraham Lincoln As Originally Reported In The New York Times
David Herbert Donald & Harold Holzer – Editors
© 2005 The New York Times Co./St. Martin’s Press
New York, NY


Lincoln’s Genius: Special Collector’s Edition
H.W. Brands
© 2009
Weider History Group Inc.,
Leesburg, Virginia

Pamphlets and Brochures:

A Voice From Harper’s Ferry
Osborne P. Anderson
1859 – Printed Privately
Boston, MA
From the Internet:

Electronic Media:

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library/Museum                           
Mary Todd Lincoln: A Biography  
The Day Miss Todd Became Mrs. Lincoln  

Mary Todd Lincoln (Wikipedia)

Whitehouse Bio of M.T. Lincoln

Black History Canada                                      

Provincial Archives of Ontario  

Kent County History                                      

The Memoirs of General W. T. Sherman
by W. T. Sherman © 1875 (Electronic copy) T-Sherman-v1

Gen. W.T. Sherman (Wikipedia)

Samuel L. Clemens              

Historic Calendar  

Buxton National Historic Site Website  

National Institute of Mental Health/Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome\stress-disorder-ptsd/index

Robert Todd Lincoln  

Account of Edwin Booth Saving Robert Todd Lincoln’s Life in 1863

A Modern View Of The Lincolns’ Marital Relationships

Bio of Elizabeth Keckley

Gen. Joseph E. Johnston   www.

John Brown Letters

Meeting Brown and Delany 

Civil War At Charleston

Langdon’s Version of Buxton Settlement

Abbott Entry Dictionary Of Canadian Biography

The Evolution of Education In Ontario

Dr. Martin Delany

Imperial Tobacco History of Tobacco in Canada

Niagara Rail

Contentment Farm  (Period clothing)

Virginia Military Institute Archives

Yale Avalon Project

Yale University Library


Black Civil War History

History of the 54th Mass. Regiment

Robert Small and “The Planter”

Robert Small            

Toronto Metropolitan Library Ask A Librarian

Walt Whitman’s Canadian Diary

Richard M. Bucke

University of Western Ontario Archives

U.S. National Archives                                                                                

Soldier’s heart or Da Costa Syndrome

The Gentleman’s Emporium

Handguns of the Civil War
By Kerry Barlow

Spencer Repeating Rifle   

Henry Repeating Rifle              

A Cyclopedia of Canadian Biography
Editor: George Maclean Rose
Originally published by: Rose Publishing Co.
Toronto 1886                              

Laura Matilda Towne
By Danielle Senneker

The Complete Letters Of Mark Twain
Aug. 25, 1877

The Death of Gen. McPherson
By CSA Capt. Richard Beard/Murfeesboro Post

Films and Television Programs:

The Civil War: By Ken Burns
© 1990
A Multi-part Television Series Originally Aired on PBS